Products Demonstrated Here are:

SearchByPayment™ (SBP)

This tool allows shoppers the convenience of shopping by payment and allows Dealers and their website hosting companies to have a “splash page” linked from their static OEM Lease and Loan Payment Specials to land on actual inventory with the appropriate subvented special applied.  Banner Ads with advertised specials are linked to a pre-filtered inventory so shoppers can see all the relevant inventory described in the banner advertisment.


Since 90% of shoppers are going to drive away with a new payment, this tool introduces the best payment right next to the price on a dealers Inventory Search Listings Page (SLP) in addition to the Vehicle Details Page (VDP). The transparency this tool provides gives customers the confidence to choose the right dealer who advertises accurate and compliant payments. For dealers, this tool creates Reg M and Reg Z compliant disclosures for each vehicle quoted which gives them the peace of mind to confidently advertise payments in their digital marketing.


This incredible service allows Dealers, Website Marketing Companies, Digital Marketers, OEMs, Portals and others the ease of integrating accurate and compliant lease and loan payments into their digital marketing and advertising strategy. OfferDriver™ creates all possible payment scenarios, based on the lenders selected, and delivers the appropriate information in an open XML format.

Partners can integrate the vehicle payment information into their own User Interface (UI),  to advertise payments, build offers, create specials, etc. creating the “ultimate” payment advertising solution. The OfferLogix team works closely with clients to develop, manage and maintain a best in class custom solution.

Mobile Integration

Facebook Integration

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