Statistics show that in nearly 90% of car deals, financing is involved and the lowest possible payment is the customer’s goal.  So, at the end of the day after the consumer has sorted through all of the information available to them in making an informed buying decision it still comes down to a monthly payment.  And, with many luxury models, over 50% of new car sales are actually leases.  Auto marketers know that advertising low payments stimulates interest and moves cars.

While most new car dealers advertise payments on their websites, they are typically static ads, with small print, relating to a specific vehicle, with a certain MSRP, and often lead to confusion for both the customer and dealership staff when the customer wants to know the details and how the “special” relates to an actual vehicle in the dealer’s inventory.  We seek to eliminate the confusion, the inaccuracy, and the disconnect that exists between the vehicle, the customer, and the monthly payment.

OfferLogix works with its partners, OEMS, portals and dealers to develop an overall strategy for implementing compliant payment advertising consistently and conveniently  throughout their offering.

Please read the following studies for more info:

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