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The Next Frontier in Automotive Online Advertising: Online Vehicle Payment Information

Dulles, VA (April 15, 2011) – Automotive marketing visionaries announce the formation of OfferLogix to transform the way finance and lease payments are advertised on the web.

Statistics show that in 90% of car deals, loan or lease financing is involved and the lowest possible payment is the customer’s goal. The problem has been that calculating
accurate lease and loan payments and creating the legal disclosures required by Federal Law is difficult and time consuming.

OfferLogix has a proprietary technology automates lease and loan payment calculations.

In addition to accurate online payment listings, some dealers are integrating this new technology into mobile apps. Customers can use their Smartphone to scan a vehicle’s
unique serial number or bar code on the window sticker to view vehicle information, as well as, actual lease and loan payments.

This technology enables consumers to have the vital payment information needed to budget and compare while making a buying decision. No longer will they have to guess
or use inaccurate online calculators when trying to determine the payment.

About OfferLogix

Seven years ago a couple of Texans, Jerry Thompson and Bill Krautter, decided to tackle the online automation of vehicle lease and loan payment calculations. Together
they developed a unique technology and web service that accurately calculates lease and loan payments according to lender guidelines. This technology displays the lowest
payment and all possible payment options with full legal disclosures for use in all aspects of digital and traditional automotive advertising.

To schedule a private presentation, please contact:

Jerry Thompson

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